The 12 Most Fashionable Sandals For Women

As we step into the New year, we are greeted with many opportunities to make a great difference this year in whatever we pursue. Despite the restraints of the previous year due to the Pandemic situation, the world of Fashion has made an unbeatable sprint across the globe to scour the most original and creative ideas that would set the fashion trends for this year. Being in vogue is something that everyone craves because being a fashionista never goes out of style.

With the dawn of a New year comes along new fashion trends, and ladies, it is time you step up the game by rearranging your wardrobe with the most exquisite and trendy fashions out there. When it comes to rearranging your wardrobe, do not just stop with dresses and accessories; go the extra mile to look extra glamorous and gorgeous by shopping for the latest and stylish footwear that would accentuate your dress sense and personality well.

Your footwear choice reflects your personality and charisma because the first thing people notice about you is not your dazzling smile or your designer label dress; it is your feet, or more specifically, your footwear. So, don the most fashionable footwear that would leave a lasting impression wherever in the world you may go.

We will help you do all that and much more by guiding you through the most fashionable sandals for women. Wear these irresistibly gorgeous and fashionable sandals and be amassed as it makes you reach heights and far-flung abyss that you had never been to before.

How Much Does a Lady’s Sandal Cost?

Sandals go beyond being just protective gear that shields your feet from external damage and extreme temperatures, and they allow you to express yourself better by impressing the crowd with your stylish and trendy choice of sandals. As we explored above, Sandals are available in a variety of designs, hues, patterns, and textures, and prices may vary depending on these factors. On average, you can obtain a lady’s sandal between a price range of LKR 249-1768 with an average price of LKR 1047. Bask in style and glory with these lovely and stylish ranges of sandals.

Min PriceRs. 249
Average PriceRs. 1,047
Max PriceRs. 1,768

Why Do We Need To Wear Sandals?

Sandals protect your feet from extreme ground temperatures and any dangerous and harmful objects lying on the ground. It also shields your feet from dirt and dust and keeps your feet clean and nice. Sandals act effectively as a protective cover that keeps your feet safe from any burns, blisters, or discoloration of the feet due to various elements in the external environment.

The early Romans invented the first pair of sandals and were made from sheepskin and leather hides. Sandals have evolved with time and trends, and now we are surrounded by sandals of diverse designs, colors, patterns, materials, and textures. And what’s more, there are sandals tailored for every occasion and event! The choice of sandals available out there is indeed overwhelming when shopping for the perfect sandal that is in vogue, protects your feet, and looks great for the occasion and outfit.

Never worry, we have got you covered with the most stylish sandals that are easy on the feet while allowing you to flaunt your elegance and grace and make a fashion statement wherever your sandals take you.

Best Sandals For Women In Sri Lanka

1. Golden Glory Side Braided Sandal

Be the queen of golden glory by donning these irresistibly gorgeous golden glory side braided sandals made from the finest glossy leather and soft PU, which accentuates the finer points of your feet by adding a golden touch. These sandals are quite a convenient slip-on with a buckle and a lovely side braided design that allows you to look every bit of the Golden Glory queen that you are. Extra soft lining and padding makes the sandals very comfy and snug and is great for all the lovely ladies who are on their feet 24/7. This golden glory side braided sandal is a must-have for all the fashion divas out there because;

  • Made from the finest glossy leather and soft PU rubber
  • Lightweight and durable
  • It comes with an adjustable buckle

2. Women’s Ankle Cross Tie-up Sandal

Be the bold and brave beauty you are with this pair of unique premium quality ankle cross tie-up sandal that looks great on any outfit or occasion. A brown base with black ties spread across your feet in a lovely design is an attention grabber. You can tie it up any way you like and let your choice of the sandal made from the best material to a standard design and measurement reflect the bold and brave spirit in you. These ankle cross tie-up sandals are your biggest strength because;

  • Made from the best fabric ties and soft leather
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Guarantees greater comfort, ease, and improved posture due to rubber sole and standard measurements

3. Sparkly Long Cord Gladiator Sandal

Be the most sought-after muse with these gladiator sandals available in hues of black complete with a rubber sole and extra-long cords that reach well below your knees. These gladiator sandals will be sure to draw awe-inspiring stares and admiring glances as you sail past the crowd with the most fashionable and sexy gladiator sandals that flatter your calves and accentuates the feminine wiles and graces in you. These lovely and sparkly long cord gladiator sandals is a must-have for all pretty women out there because;

  • Made from the strongest and sparkly long black cords that flatter your calves
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and durable

4. Ladies’ Rose Gold Casual Strappy Sandals

Flaunt yourself in grace and style with this one of a kind irresistibly attractive and premium quality rhinestone sandals that add an extra sparkle to your gait. This pair of glamorous rhinestone sandals are available in different undertones of mahogany brown. They would be sure to make you bask in the radiance and quaint charm of these sandals wherever it takes you. Made from soft leather with a mix of high-quality stainless steel with straps decorated by an assortment of fancy rhinestones makes this sandal a comfortable, durable, and attractive choice. All glamorous ladies out there need to add these rhinestone sandals to your sandal collection because;

  • Made to a great design and style with Fashion and comfort is the main priority
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Convenient and easy to use slip-on design

6. Chic and Casual Flat Sandals

Kick back your heels and join in the fun with these chic and casual flat sandals that are easy on the feet and aid swift and speedy movement with greater comfort, and of course, the intricate design and soothing faded green-brown colored themes are hard to miss. Comfort and swift movement that allows you to be the carefree and fun-loving chic that you are is what these casual flat sandals prides themselves on. These sandals are perfect for any casual event, be it an outdoor function or an indoor one, and looks great with any outfit. This pair of chic and casual flat sandals is a must-have because;

  • Made from the finest suede and TPR material
  • It comes with an adjustable buckle
  • Lightweight and durable

7. Pretty in pink High Heeled Sandals

Be a woman with a purpose and a lady with class and style that is unmatchable by donning these pretty in pink high heeled sandals that would make you look the boss women you are while accentuating your innate feminine graces and style that emanates from within. These high heeled sandals are also available in hues of grey, green, and black with an adjustable ankle strap lined with metallic gold loops that add extra bling and glamour to your feet. Kill two birds with one stone by donning these pretty in pink high-heeled sandals that allow you to pull off the pretty and professional look in no time. These sandals are a must-have for all lovely women out there hustling to make their names known because;

  • Made from the highest quality flock and PU rubber
  • It comes with an adjustable buckle
  • Guarantees greater comfort, ease, and improved posture due to rubber sole and standard measurements

8. Korean Style Ankle Straps Wedge Sandals

Create an impression wherever you go with these dainty Korean styled ankle straps wedge sandals made to a simple and attractive design with greater comfort and convenience, which makes these sandals perfect for all seasons. It can be worn for outdoor and indoor events and is resilient to fight off any damage or distortion due to water, heat, and pollution. These sandals have scalloped edges and a wedge heel painted in dove white and an adjustable buckle and are available in soothing hues of light blue and white. Be your best dressed at all times with these cute and charming Korean style ankle straps wedge sandals that are a must-have for all sandal lovers out there because;

  • Made from the best quality PU rubber to a great design and style
  • It comes with an adjustable buckle
  • Durable and long-lasting

9. Cross Strappy Looped Sandals

Go wherever your feet carry you in style, be it the tallest mountain range or the deepest trench, with these adventure loving to cross strappy looped sandals that are well suited for extreme outdoor activities as well as indoor ones. These cross strappy looped sandals assure greater comfort and swift movement, which lets you reach great heights with ease and elegance comparable to no other sandal out there. These sandals are available in dark colors of green and brown, which look attractive on the feet and are suited to withstand extreme temperatures and rocky ground surfaces by having anti-slip properties and extra padding. Bring out the wild and adventurous side in you with these cross strappy looped sandals that are a must-have because;

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Convenient slip-on design offers greater comfort and ease of use
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor activities

10. Stylish Summer Sandals

Bring in the summer vibes with these gorgeous and colorful sandals that allow you to run about and enjoy the hottest season of the year with style and grace. These sandals are easy on the feet with a convenient style and design that offers greater comfort and ease of use due to soft padding and rubber soles. These stylish summer sandals are available in hues of yellow, white, and pink. These lovely sandals are a must-have for all fashion lovers because;

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor activities
  • It comes with an adjustable buckle

11. Vintage Ladies’ Sandals

Be a queen of the yesteryears with this charming vintage design of a lady’s sandal complete with a brown and white check bow and brown straps with ties at the ankles. The brown-colored straps and the sandal throw’s design and texture throw a rustic look, which allows you to pull the vintage country belle look with grace. These sandals are designed with a greater focus on comfort and ease of use and ideal for any event or event. Relive the good old times with these sandals that are a must-have for all lovely ladies out there because

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Made from the best quality PU rubber to a great design and style

12. Korean Styled Ladies’ Sandals

Live the Korean fantasy by adorning your feet with these intricately designed Korean styled ladies’ sandals that are sure to draw attention wherever you go because of their lovely diagonal strapped design with embroidered designs on the front supported by slender white straps. These sandals are quite snug and comfy, which aids quick and swift movement. Made from the finest quality leather to a unique design, these sandals are a must-have for all women because;

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Convenient slip-on design

Final Thoughts

Sandals go beyond just protective gear and cover your feet that protect your feet against extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, and other harmful objects lying around. Your choice of sandals defines your personality and style. So, make sure to be on your best self by wearing these trendy sandals with unique and attractive designs, patterns, and colors that will leave a lasting impression wherever your feet will carry you.

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