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As ladies, we all crave to look pretty and presentable at all times, and our choice of clothing has a major role to play in making us look our beautiful best. One might say that the media and designer clothing brands, with their powerful and well-targeted marketing campaigns, have instilled the need for women to make a fashion statement wherever they go, but those are not the only reasons. Inherently, all women love to dress up. While looking neat and presentable is the social norm, the “neat and presentable” aspect has evolved to include fashion and stylish. As we speak, newer fashions are being introduced, which is another reason you need to update your wardrobe. Stay ahead of all the latest fashion trends to match up to the societal norms and leave a lasting impression wherever in the world you may go with your impeccable sense of style and fashion.

Women once merely used jackets for its sole purpose of keeping them warm and cozy. Jackets have become a new fad with the latest fashions and designs of irresistibly cool and flattering jackets introduced to the market: ladies, it’s time to look cool and cutesy by donning a stylish jacket that speaks for itself.

Price of a Ladies Jacket in Sri Lanka (2022)

Min PriceRs. 1,166
Average PriceRs. 2,693
Max PriceRs. 5,302

The market is flooded with ladies jackets of different brands and labels, diverse prints, patterns, color themes, and fabrics, which easily allows you to pick and choose a jacket that fits your fashion and other needs and preferences best.

The jackets are also quite affordable ranging from prices between Rs.1,166 and Rs.5,302 with an average price of Rs.2,693. Prices vary depending on the design, style, and specifications of the jacket but of course, before buying your jacket, make sure to select one that fits the latest fashion trends as well as your budget.

What Is The Purpose of a Jacket?

The primary purpose of wearing a jacket is to shield yourself from extremely cold temperatures and keep yourself warm and cozy. Jackets are common during the cold and wintry seasons of the year. In recent times, jackets have become a fashion trend where it was commonplace for jackets to be worn with anything and everything ranging from ripped jeans to summer dresses.

For the modern woman, Jackets fulfill a dual-purpose function of keeping you warm and cozy while looking the coolest chic in town.

Best Jackets for Women in Sri Lanka

1. Plaid Check Ladies’ Jacket

Flaunt yourself in grace and style with this irresistibly gorgeous and stylish Plaid check ladies’ jacket that looks great in all seasons and blends in well with any outfit. This jacket is made of excellent design and style, from a mix of cotton and Polyester to a checked print available in red and black hues. You can wear this jacket loosely around a dress or with jeans and a top. It is great to be used as both casual and formal wear. Let your great sense of style be known to the world by donning this one of a kind plaid check lady’s jacket. This jacket is a must-have for all fashion divas out there because;

  • Made from the highest quality mix of cotton and Polyester
  • Made to a lovely design and style
  • Lightweight and durable

2. Winter Wear Slim Fit Down Jacket

Who says that you should stay holed up indoors during the winter season? Don this irresistibly beautiful winter wear slim fit down jacket that keeps you warm and cozy during the coldest days of the year while allowing you to flaunt your winter look in style and grace with its classy and modest design accentuates your curves well. This jacket is extremely comfortable and is made from the finest polyester fiber and gray goose down to tailor-made measurements that keep you warm and snug always. And here’s the scoop, it is a windproof jacket too! This jacket is available in hues of dark black and goes well with any outfit regardless of the colors or prints. This winter, Do wear a slim fit down jacket and revel in the warmth and pretty looks this jacket has to offer you. This jacket is a must-have for all the lovely ladies because;

  • It is lightweight and durable
  • Made from the finest polyester fiber that keeps you warm and comfy always
  • Windproof

3. Stand up Collar Design Spring Jacket

Flaunt yourself in grace and style with this utterly gorgeous one-of-a-kind stand-up collar design spring jacket. This jacket is made from eco-friendly artificial leather that glows radiantly and is available in hues of black, blue, green, and orange, which allows you to pick and choose what you like according to your heart’s desire. This jacket is made of a great design and style that flatters your shapely figure, and it comes with a full zipper closure and zipped pockets, which adds to the comfort and convenience aspect. This jacket can be worn as an add-on to any outfit, be it a dress or pantsuit, and look great for casual and formal events. Look your best self at all times with this lovely stand up collar design spring jacket that is a must-have for all stylish ladies because;

  • Made from high-quality artificial leather with a glossy, rich exterior
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Functional and easy to wear with full zip closure and zipped pockets

4. Stylish Long-sleeved Fashion Jacket with Zipper Opening

Be the woman with a class and the girl with sass by donning this exquisitely gorgeous and trendy long-sleeved fashion jacket with a zipper opening, which will be sure to keep everyone mesmerized and impressed with your impeccable dressing sense wherever you go. This lovely jacket is available in red, black, and blue hues and adorned with flashy gold buttons on either side, which adds a luxurious glow to the plain colored jacket. Dazzle the crowd with your beauty and style by donning this stylish long-sleeved fashion jacket, which makes a lovely addition to your wardrobe because;

  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric that is easy on the skin
  • It comes with a zipper opening, which ensures greater ease of use
  • Made to a great design and style

5. Ladies Casual Long Sleeve Jacket for all Seasons

Bring all eyes on you with this attractive and eye-catching choice of a lovely ladies’ long sleeve jacket for all seasons, which adds extra beauty and elegance to your attire. This jacket can be worn for any event and goes well with any outfit, too, be it a dress or a pair of jeans and tees. This jacket is available in varying sizes and hues of black, purple, yellow, army green, and coffee brown. You have a diverse range of colors and option that easily allows you to pick and choose the color that suits you best. Flaunt yourself in elegance and grace by donning this gorgeous jacket that will be sure to steal many glances from the crowd, be it at a party or an outing. This lady’s casual jacket is a must-have for all fashion-loving women because;

  • Made from high-quality Polyester that is soft and easy on the skin
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made to an intricate design and style

6. Pretty in Pink Ladies Overcoat

Paint the town in pink by donning this stunning Pretty in Pink ladies overcoat that accentuates your feminine grace and wiles very well. This lovely overcoat is also quite a comfy choice as it’s made from the softest polyester material with tie dyed pink self-print and has a drawstring hood back and an adjustable hem. If you’re looking for something attractive and comfortable, this Pretty in Pink ladies’ overcoat will be a great choice. This stunning overcoat is a must-have for all ladies because;

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made from soft polyester material that is quite snug and comfy
  • Made to an impeccable design and standard measurements

7. Tie-dyed Button-Down Jacket for Ladies

Break the monotony and opt-in for a more colorful and vibrant look with this tie-dyed-button down jacket. Every nook and corner of this jacket speaks of fashion, starting from its lovely lapel neck to button-down style and the splash of color in hues of varying shades and intensity of blue and pink. This jacket is great for weekend outings and casual events, making you quite the center of attention by donning a trendy jacket bursting in color. This jacket is a must-have for all trendy ladies out there because;

  • Made from the finest quality of Polyester that is attractive and snug
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Made to a stylish design that accentuates your figure well

8. Printed Denim Jacket

Nothing gives out chilled and cool vibes like this printed denim jacket, made from the highest standards of denim material. This jacket can be either worn as an overcoat or a buttoned-up jacket. The attractive metallic gold against the blue hues of the denim and floral print in shades of white and light blue makes a stark contrast that adds more color and glamour to your denim jacket. The use of thick denim material ensures that this jacket shields you from the cold and is best for wearing during the cold seasons. This lovely printed denim jacket is a must-have because;

  • Made to a lovely design and style from the finest denim material
  • Low maintenance and can be machine-washed
  • Long-lasting and durable

9. Classy Women’s Denim Jacket

Be a woman with class prepared to face whatever life throws at you with this versatile and functional denim jacket made from the best stretch cotton material to an intricate design. A neat stiff collar, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and buttoned pockets, and a slim fit design flatter your shapely figure well. This Classy women’s denim jacket is a very eye-catching and functional denim jacket that is great for any adventurous outdoor activity. This jacket is awesome for all classy women who love being in the wild because;

  • Made from the best stretch cotton material that you can wear in extreme conditions and temperatures
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

10. Charming Ladies Blazer

Pull off the professional and pretty look in style with this gorgeous charming lady’s blazer. This blazer is available in plain shades of sunny yellow, black, and emerald green with gold-colored metallic buttons and side pockets. This jacket is great for wearing at formal events and as regular office wear. Flaunt yourself with enviable grace and style by donning this charming ladies blazer that would make you look your best self at all times. This jacket is great for all busy gals on the move because;

  • Made from the finest quality of Polyester that gives a premium look
  • Easy maintenance and low cleaning
  • Easy on the skin and can be worn comfortably for longer hours

When Should You Wear a Jacket?

Traditionally, jackets formed an integral part of any ladies’ winter wardrobe because were jackets were designed with the innate objective of keeping you warm and comfortable during the coldest months of the year. But fashion trends have largely evolved, and now there are different kinds of jackets made from lighter and softer fabric that are ideal for donning at any time of the year, even spring or hot summers.

Jackets are now worn on almost every occasion, be it a casual one or a formal one, and it is quite a simple and convenient choice that you can throw on top of anything you wear, which instantly adds more beauty and charm. If you are clad in a simple and plain outfit, add a jacket to it, which will make your outfit classier and more stylish in an instant. And also, let’s not forget that jackets can serve as a quick and modest fix for skimpy clothing too.

Should the Jacket Be Worn Tightly or Loosely?

Depending on your preferences, comfort level, and the occasion, you can decide whether to wear your jacket tightly or loosely. Some jackets have the option of both, especially button-down and zipper jackets where you can fasten the zip or buttons to make it tighter to accentuate your curves and shapely figure well. Or else, don a jacket loosely for a more casual and relaxed look.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when jackets were just protective gear worn during the coldest days of the year. Jackets have now become a fashion trend that shows no signs of going away. If you want to flaunt yourself in grace and style, don a jacket over your regular clothes and watch it weave its magic as you instantly transform from the average girl next door to a supermodel walking the ramp.

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