Top 20 Most Stylish Handbags for Women

All of us, women love to make an impression wherever we go by staying up to date with the latest trends and fashions in town. As a woman, your dress sense and style say a lot about your personality and leaves a lasting impression on people. We love to add new collections of stylish clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories to our wardrobe because dressing up great is key. With the dawn of a new year, it is time to rethink on fashion trends and rearrange your wardrobe with the latest fashion wear. Your motto should be a new year, a new year look!

While many of us are concerned about donning the finest dresses in town, we tend to overlook the importance of having a stylish and elegant handbag that complements your dress and personality well. And what’s more it should be a functional handbag that fits the occasion and the purpose and allows you to flaunt your stylish self with sheer elegance and grace.

Ladies’ Handbag Price in Sri Lanka

Min Price499 LKR
Average Price1,917 LKR
Max Price4,392 LKR

We have checked out the most stylish and fashionable handbags for women in Sri Lanka. These handbags not just provide you with a solution to store and stack all your belongings and carry them with you but are also available in a diverse range of hues, designs and patterns with some customized designs that are best for certain occasions and makes a great match with particular outfits and color themes.

In terms of price, you have handbags ranging from Rs. 1000- Rs. 16,000 depending on the design, quality and brand that allows you to pick and choose from a large collection of handbags that fits your budget. These handbags are very chic and affordable and a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

Why Do You Need to Carry a Handbag?

As women, we have a lot of things to carry on our hands ranging from makeup kits, perfumes, handkerchiefs and so on even for a short trip be it a trip to the supermarket or a game. And what better way to carry it all and many more than a handbag which allows you to stuff in all your daily essentials and carry it around wherever you go while allowing you to make a fashion statement with a trendy handbag that complements your style and the latest fashion trends well.

If you’re on the hunt for some trendy and stylish handbags, you can rest your search now. In this article, we have got you covered with the twenty most stylish handbags fit for any occasion which will definitely make you grab all the attention in the room. Check out these stunning patterns and designs of handbags and prepare to be amazed.

Best Hand Bags for Women In Sri Lanka

1. Lavender Three-piece Handbag Set

If you are looking for something fashionable and functional, this lavender three-piece handbag set would be an ideal choice. It is available in sets of three with a large, medium and small sized bag of soothing hues of lavender with a touch of gold. The large handbag has a lovely floral cutwork design while the medium and small bags come with a fancy clasp and golden shoulder strap. This handbag can be worn for any occasion be it a casual setting or a party and will go well in clothes with hues of white, dark purple, yellow and beige. If a simple yet elegant look is what you’re searching for, this lovely set of three-piece lavender colored handbags will help you easily pull off the look in grace and style. This handbag is a great choice because;

  • Manufactured from smooth leather with matte finish
  • Comes with adjustable straps and handles
  • Dirt proof and low maintenance

2. Contemporary Handbag Retro Style

If you are looking for something more retro which makes you take on the appearance of a fashion diva of the yester year, you would be sure to love this grey and black patterned retro handbag that you can sling over your shoulder easily and create a lovely impression. The grey and black pattern that runs across the handbag on its own accord would throw off a distinctive and chic look and is the perfect accessory for all retro queens out there. This handbag can be used for any occasion with and looks great with both plain colored and multicolored clothes. Go back in time with style and elegance by donning this one-of-a-kind retro handbag. This retro style handbag is a must have for all retro queens because;

  • Made from the finest PU Leather which is long lasting and durable
  • Greater capacity to house all your essentials
  • A Functional and versatile handbag

3. Ultramarine Blue Coral Print Luxury Six-piece Handbag Set

This luxury six-piece handbag set available in rich hues of deep ultramarine blue with a coral print is made from the finest glossy PU leather and throws off an exquisite luxurious feel with style and ease. This six-piece handbag set is perfect and very functional for the woman on the move which has a handbag that fits the occasion and her requirements very well. The glossy texture, neat finish and embedded coral print highlight the superiority of the bag and makes you stand out from the rest. This bag would blend in well for both a casual occasion or a formal occasion and would be best for night events as the glossy outer cover would sparkle like the night sky. This six-piece handbag set is the best choice out there because;

  • Made from high quality and durable PU leather with a glossy outer coat
  • Handbags, clutches and wallets is available in different sizes and designs
  • Comes with adjustable straps and handles.

4. Light Weight Multicolored Women’s Handbag

This wonderful handbag is a fusion of color with thick, bold stripes in contrasting shades of purple, green, red, yellow and brown. This handbag is also very easy on the hands and shoulders as it is made from lightweight fabric that is light weight, durable and attractive. This multicolored handbag is also a handcrafted item in Sri Lanka which has been made to an intricate design with great attention to detail. Let this bag spread the joy of color this season with its bright design that will make you bask in its glory. This colorful and pretty handbag is the best because;

  • Handcrafted in Sri Lanka from 100% local fabric
  • Comes with a standard wooden handle that fits one and all
  • Greater capacity for storing many items and comes with many pockets and covers

5. Three-piece Vintage Black Shoulder Bag

Check out this lovely three-piece set of the black vintage shoulder bags. The stark black hues contrast well with the fabric patterned straps and gold handles which allows you to easily pull off a sexy and stylish look of the lovely lady in black. This handbag is very simple and classy and goes well with almost any outfit regardless of the color or design. You can use this vintage looking shoulder bag for a regular day at work or a weekend outing and be prepared to receive a lot of stares and smiles as you flaunt yourself on the streets with this vintage bag that speaks for itself. This handbag is the perfect one out there because;

  • It is made from a mix of high-quality soft leather and fabric
  • Bags of varying sizes and designs are available
  • A functional and gorgeous choice that can be used for all seasons

6. Rustic Summer Straw Bucket Bag

Carry this rustic looking square shaped handbag manufactured by hand from straws and pull off the look of a countryside belle in style and grace. This bag is weaved locally using straws and has an adjustable leather strap and a magnetic clasp to hold everything in place. This bag is large enough to hold all your essentials and looks great for a trip or any other casual occasion. Bring rustic fashion to the center stage with this one-in-a-million summer straw bag that speaks for itself. This bag is a must have for all women because;

  • It is lightweight and compact with easy use
  • A functional and durable bag that is worse for the wear
  • Comes with an adjustable leather strap

7. Exclusive Women’s Grand Shoulder Handbag

Be the queen in a room full of commoners with this exclusive shoulder handbag with smooth hues of dark black leather adorned with a gold emblem and golden spikes scattered around that throws an air of royalty and grandeur. Be the best dressed at any occasion be it an office party, family function or a dance night with this exclusively grand handbag that makes you the star of the night. This handbag goes well with both printed and plain colored clothes and looks best in both ethnic and western wear. This exclusive women’s grand shoulder handbag is a must have for all gorgeous women out there because;

  • Made from high quality leather to an immaculate finish and style
  • Allows for methodical storage of items in its many interior zipped pockets
  • Comes with a black leather handle and adjustable straps

8. Autumn Frenzy Shoulder Bag

This cutesy shoulder bag is a perfect epitome of the autumn queen with its shiny PU leather knitted into a stylish crisscross pattern with a strap and gold badge and the ends of the bag is tied into a neat bow with a beige, orange and ochre colored printed scarf. Make heads turn with this lovely autumn frenzy shoulder bag which looks great for any occasion and any outfit. Walk the ramp with this simple yet elegant autumn themed handbag and let the tongues wag. This classy autumn themed bag is perfect because;

  • It is made from durable and long-lasting PU leather material
  • Long leather straps that fits one and all
  • Dirt proof and low maintenance

9. Cotton Lace Embroidered Handbag for Women

Throw off a cool and funky look with this unique cotton lace cloth bag that is manufactured locally with an elephant embroidered on the front. The design and pattern of this handbag reflects the true Sri Lankan culture and heritage which makes you flaunt the real spirit of a true Sri Lankan in you with great design and style. This bag is great for all casual events and is a must have for all women because;

  • It is a highly durable and eco-friendly choice of a handbag
  • Greater capacity with many canvas pockets to store all your items methodically
  • Low maintenance and washable

10. Crocodile Patterned Businesswomen Leather Handbag

For all you powerful businesswomen striving hard out there to reach new horizons, this multi-purpose, attractive and multipurpose crocodile patterned leather handbag will let you reach heights you never dreamed before. Be the woman with a purpose and a passion and of course, fashion that puts the supermodels to shame with this gorgeous superior quality crocodile patterned leather bag. This bag is perfect for daily use or important events which will make you look the dazzling power woman that you are. For all working women out there this bag is vital because;

  • It is long-lasting and durable as it is made from the finest PU leather
  • Comes with a strong black leather handle and adjustable straps
  • Allows for greater storage capacity including files and books for the woman on the move

11. Cotton Rope Tassels Hand Woven Handbag

Be the rustic belle with a simple and classic hand-woven cotton rope tassels handbag which is an environment friendly choice of a bag that is both unique and attractive. This lovely bag is made from straws and retains the light brown hues of dried straws which resembles the flora and fauna of the countryside. This bag has a flappable cover with a clasp and a long shoulder strap that fit one and all. Try out this rustic looking handbag and amaze the crowd with its sheer elegance and simplicity. This cotton rope tassels hand woven bag is ideal because;

  • It is convenient and easy to use with a shoulder sling
  • It is an eco-friendly and reusable handbag
  • Maintenance is easy as the bag is washable

12. Casual Canvas Handbag

Bring out the chic and classy side of you with this simple canvas handbag in fine checked print in varying hues of sky blue and white. This casual canvas handbag is ideal for any event be it a weekend outing or casual brunch and looks great with any outfit of your choice. Flaunt off your casual and carefree self in style with this beautiful canvas handbag. This casual canvas bag is great for all women because;

  • Made from canvas that is durable and strong
  • It has two black leather straps for ease of use
  • Greater capacity with many canvas pockets to store all your items methodically

13. Women’s Batik Handbag

Nothing says made in Sri lanka like this lovely women’s batik handbag which is available in printed batik material of lime green with streaks of dark green too and a lovely black bow that contrasts well with the green background. Don this lovely lush green batik handbag which is made to a unique style and design with great attention to detail and stand out distinctly from the rest with your sense of style and glamour. This batik handbag is great for any event and any outfit and is a must have for all lovely women out there because;

  • It is an eco-friendly product that is handcrafted in Sri Lanka
  • It has a soft fabric handle that is strong and easy on your hands
  • Low maintenance and washable handbag

14. Floral Cross Body Handbag

Be a flower fairy with this irresistible cross body handbag that has a lovely flower bouquet which is embroidered in ribbon in soothing hues of peach, lavender, crimson, green and gold which contrasts well against the stark black background of the bag. This bag allows you to make a fashion statement wherever you go with its intricate ribbon work embroidered design and style complete with gold and black adjustable straps and glossy PU leather. Be the girl with some sass and a woman with great class by donning this floral cross body handbag. This lovely floral cross body handbag is irresistible because;

  • Ultra-light weight and long-lasting product
  • Made from the finest PU leather and quality ribbon embroidery work
  • Comes with adjustable straps and handles

15. Comfy Corduroy Women’s Travel Handbag

Nothing says comfy and funky like this adorably cute corduroy handbag perfect for any casual outing or travel. This gorgeous handbag is made to a contemporary and timeless design with comfort and convenience being the main priority and is available in light undertones of grey, white, pink and green. Carry this cool and funky corduroy handbag with you wherever you go and set a new trend for casual and comfy accessories that stays in vogues. This cutesy corduroy handbag is the best of its kind because;

  • It is lightweight and convenient to use
  • Low maintenance and washable
  • Greater capacity with many pockets with zippers and clasps to store all your items methodically

16. Cinderella Shoulder Bag

Mimic the style and dressing sense of the lovely Disney princess, Cinderella with its glamorous all-purpose leather shoulder bag. This leather bag is available in hues of mahogany brown and is one-of-a-kind handbag which has been prepared seamlessly with great attention to detail and is perfect for any occasion be it an outing, trip or party. Be the princess you are, with this breathtakingly beautiful and timeless beauty of a handbag which would be a great addition to your collection of handbags because;

  • Made from the finest quality PU soft leather
  • Comes with adjustable straps and handles.
  • Dirt proof and low maintenance

17. Glitzy Star Prints Sequined Handbags

Be a beacon of glitter and glamour with this lovely glitzy star print sequined handbag that would make you look your beautiful best for any occasion be it a party or elite reunion. This fashionable bag is available in hues of baby pink and white with a translucent base decorated with glitzy stars and silver sequins complete with a golden buckle and golden chain strap that adds to the beauty and sparkle of the elegantly designed handbag. Stun the world with your shine and glamour by adding this handbag to your wardrobe because;

  • Made from the best quality soft PU leather that adds a lovely finish and texture
  • Comes with fancy adjustable straps and handles
  • Convenient and easy to use with many pockets and compartments inside

18. Fashionable Two-toned Korean Style Women’s Handbag

Be the fashionable chic in town with this impressive Korean style women’s handbag which is a two-toned handbag available in soothing hues of white, sky blue, baby pink and white complete with golden buttons and an ornate golden clasp and buckle. This handbag is a Korean trend with its flappable cover and two-toned colors that will make heads turn because of its sheer elegance and grace wherever you may go. This pretty and pristine handbag is a must have for all fashionable women out there because;

  • Made from soft polyurethane and gold accessories that adds great glamour and style
  • Comes with fancy adjustable straps and handles
  • Lightweight and durable handbag

19. Vintage Square Shape Fashion Handbag

Twerk modern designs with a traditional twist with this vintage square shaped handbag that is fashionable and classy in hues of light pink with a lovely decorative golden ring on front. This handbag is made to a lovely design and style which brings back the fashions of yester years with a modern touch. This handbag is made from high quality waterproof material that makes it great for any outdoor or indoor event. This contemporary vintage fashion handbag is awesome because;

  • Made from soft leather that is waterproof and durable
  • Comes with adjustable leather straps
  • Little compartments and pockets are available which allows you to pack in all your essentials

20. Simple and Stylish Ladies’ Handbag

Check out this modest and simple ladies’ handbag that is in style all year around due to its immaculate finish and design that looks great on anyone whatever the occasion may be. This stylish handbag is available with a lovely golden clasp and inner pockets with zippers which makes it great for carrying all your essentials in style. Be sure to dazzle the crowd with this simple and stylish handbag because;

  • Manufactured from durable and lightweight material
  • Comes with adjustable leather straps and clasps
  • A functional and versatile handbag great for any occasion

Final Thoughts

A handbag is a daily essential for the modern woman which allows her to carry her precious belongings wherever she goes and make a fashion statement by having a handbag that is in vogue and complements her dressing sense and personality well.

Store all your belongings and have them at your side while you flaunt your gorgeous and fashionable self with these selections of unique and beautiful designs of handbags made from different fabrics to varied patterns and designs that bring out your best self. Check out these new and exciting trends of handbags and be the woman with a sense of style and class.

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