PayPal in Sri Lanka 2024 – Current Status

For over nine years, Sri Lanka has been trying to open their doors to PayPal (a popular online payment platform in the world). So far, the Sri Lankan’s have not succeeded in getting PayPal into allowing inward remittances (receiving) from all online sources via PayPal.

Current PayPal Status In Sri Lanka – 2024

Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow Sri Lanka residents to receive money through their service. However, you are allowed to send money from PayPal to other online merchants.

Not only for friends and families, This can be a frustrating time for online freelancers, entrepreneurs and other self-employed individuals, who are missing out on many online opportunities.

Sadly, there is no way around the rules and regulations set by PayPal that prohibit Sri Lankan people from receiving money via this platform.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is available to over 200 countries and regions in 25 different currencies, making it the most widely used online payment service on Earth.

PayPal has revolutionized the way people send and receive money. With a PayPal account, anyone can use their debit card or bank account to purchase anything with just one click. You don’t need cash in hand; you only need your phone. After signing up for an account, customers are asked to link it with either a credit card or checking-account linked debit card so that payments may flow more smoothly.

But when it comes to receiving money via PayPal.

It’s a shame that countries like the Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and some other small nations are not allowed to receive money.

PayPal does not want to tell people why they do not service certain countries. It is unfortunate that citizens of these countries cannot use this service, maybe due to their market size or geographic location?

I would like to know the reason behind this because it seems strange that a huge global company like PayPal works in some places but not in others (in 2021?).

Anyhow, are there any hopes for Sri Lankan?

When PayPal will be available in Sri Lanka?

It is unclear when PayPal will be allowed in Sri Lanka to use its full services, but it’s safe to say that many people, especially the online working community, still doing their best to bring PayPal to Sri Lanka.

According to a recent interview with, Dharmasri Kumaratunge (Director at Central Bank of Sri Lanka) said,

“We wrote to the Singapore entity and our embassy to connect with the Pay Pal officials in Singapore. And we are directly working with an Indian agent that has been appointed for this purpose.”

For the past few years, ministers and authorities have been working on this issue, with no positive results so far.

So for now, what we can do to receive money, As a Sri Lankan?

PayPal Alternatives for Sri Lanka

There are 2 major alternatives to PayPal.

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is an American company that gives people around the world, including Sri Lankan, to receive earnings online; from Freelancer, Fiver, Upwork, Amazon Etc. With over 4 million users worldwide using Payoneer’s services, it makes life easier for everyone who has ever struggled with receiving money or bank transfers for their online works and services!

2. Skrill

Skrill is the leading digital wallet provider, having been operating since 2001 and currently expanded to offer payment services in 120 countries with 40 different currencies.

Skrill customers can use their wallets to pay for anything from groceries and clothes, all the way up to other things like cryptocurrency. The main benefits of using Skrill are convenience and security: and skrill is helpful payment receiving method for Sri Lankan!

Things To Avoid

  1. Avoid the need to have multiple accounts from same online payment sites: Accounts can get banned quickly when you have more than one account, so avoid it by sticking to just one!
  2. Don’t create online payment accounts with fake name or address: Some people use different names, or addresses that aren’t their own when they open an online payment account. It may seem like a good idea at the beginning, but that can cause you a serious trouble, especially in an unexpected time or when you are expanding your new business.
  3. Do not participate in online scams!: Also Beware of a scammer who will steal your information and money. Always be genuine from your end and try to be safe.

Final Thoughts

If you are in Sri Lanka and have a PayPal account, it can be impossible to receive money (as for now). But there is good news! You may still use your Payoneer, Skrill or any other accounts (like Cryptocurrencies) to receive money from many online sites and services. Do not give up on your hopes, one way or another keep building your online empire. 🙂

We love to hear your feedback on our blog post on PayPal- Sri Lanka, but sometimes it’s hard to know where we went wrong. Let us know what you think, and we will try our best to help you!

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