15 Best Online Book Stores In Sri Lanka

Books are a very important part of anyone’s life. When we are small our parents read bedtime stories and other children’s books stories to us and we eagerly listen to those. With time we learn how to read and write and start reading books on our own. First, it’s picture books then gradually go into storybooks then study books or textbooks at school. Throughout school years there are many study books one reads. Other types of books like fiction and novels also some people read. Then in university and work life for studies and work you will have to read and refer different books. Books are part of our lives. Some people read books especially novels as a hobby. Some even have small libraries at their homes full of different kinds of books. 

Books are considered as sacred objects; it gives us knowledge and guidance and we all respect and love books. Sri Lanka is rich in traditional and Sri Lankan books as well as books from other countries and translated books. There are many book stores in Sri Lanka as well with good quality books. With the development of the world nowadays e-books have come in and some people find it easy to purchase an e-book or read the book online for free. But I’m sure all book loves would agree with us what good is a book if a physical copy is not present. Everyone is finding good books in stores with quality books that are cheaper. 

Here is a list of the 15 best online book stores in Sri Lanka. We hope this helps you to find the best book store that fulfills your requirements. 

Best Online Book Stores In Sri Lanka

1. Makeen Books

Makeen Books can follow its book selling legacy to the early piece of the twentieth century when it was set up in the core of the business locale. Throughout the long term, it has developed and today added to its physical stores, the web-based business site is the top online book purchasing objective for a huge number of clients. Makeen Books which was a pioneer in online deals of books in Sri Lanka has put resources into present-day innovation and made the online book purchasing experience to a large number of fulfilled clients simple, advantageous, and secure. Makeen books is the best book site for purchasing books in Sri Lanka. It has an assortment of over 1,000,000 titles and is a one-stop objective on the web to discover mainstream hits just as uncommon books. Makeen Books has been a merchant of books for more than 25 years as per Sri Lankan customs insights.

2. Vijitha Yapa 

The Vijitha Yapa Group of Companies started in April 1981 when Vijitha Yapa Associates were delegated by Dow Jones and Company Limited of USA to address them for promoting deals and dispersion of their distributions as the restrictive specialist. In 1991 the Vijitha Yapa Group chose to build up a chain of bookshops, and today, there are twelve branches. Vijitha Yapa Bookshop is the biggest English book shop chain in Sri Lanka and offers more than 250,000 titles through and through. The Vijitha Yapa bunch holds the selective rights to sell books in the travel parlor of Colombo’s International Airport. It also has an online book shopping store where you can order online and get your books delivered to your doorstep. They also offer special discounts on certain books during different seasons.

3. Sarasavi Book Shop

Sarasavi Bookshop (Pvt) Ltd is genuinely a legitimate mix of the convention and the innovation that carries the future to the present. Over the most recent fifty years, it has arisen as an esteemed and the principal organization of bookshops in Sri Lanka with the fast turn of events and extension of its business exercises both regarding quality and amount. Sarasavi Bookshops present an enormous assortment of Sri Lankan and unfamiliar distributions covering a variety of different controls to meet the assorted necessities of our wide readership that goes from small children to higher scholastics. They are one of the significant book shippers in Sri Lanka and have set up long remarkable business associations with famous unfamiliar distributors with world acknowledgment. At present they have 23 book shops situated in significant towns over the country and gladly guarantee to be the biggest organization of bookshops in Sri Lanka.

4. Samudra Book Shop

1999 we the ‘Samudra Group’ stepped on to another level. They had the option to open another display area for Greeting cards which was confronting the ‘Samudra Book Curio’ and on the very year, they began bringing in books from unfamiliar book distributers. The year 2003 acquired a transformation to the book distributing society and Samudra was at the cutting edge. The organization began book distributing exceptionally Workbooks for English Medium Students ranging from Grade 1 to 12. The Samudra Group comprises of an all-around prepared staff who has taste for books with a branch network effectively overhauling islandwide since 1989. They have about 10 branches around the country and have an online book store as well. 

5. Daraz Online Book Store

In Sri Lanka e-commerce is more popular with Daraz arising as Sri Lanka’s greatest web-based shopping store which offers an interminable assortment of items from different classes going from electronic things to home apparatuses, style and magnificence, goods, and some more. Daraz additionally offers a stage for merchants to reach a more extensive crowd and numerous business visionaries and people are flourishing under Daraz selling instruments. Presently with Daraz selling instruments, dealers have the chance to react to developing client requests and initiate a self-business of their own. There is a separate section for books and magazines and you can visit the site and order your books online. The delivery only takes few days and most of the categories of books are available in this online book store.

6. Jump Books

In 2015, Nishan De Silva (Chief Bookaholic) inadvertently arrived on a book called The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. This book drove him to begin a blog. That blog drove him to begin an online bookshop. That bookshop is called Jump Books. Their book assortment is curated by a Bookaholic who is prepared to eat books on the off chance that that will transform him. That is the amount they trust in the force of books. They don’t have a huge assortment yet they can promise you that any book you purchase from them will transform you. Also, another benefit is that they do free delivery island wide and if you are especially far away from urban areas.

7. Kids books

As an online store for little ones, books on the web at KidsBooks, are centered around opening up an intriguing universe of books for small kids. They are solid adherents that believe the more youngsters are open to books, the more they retain and the more they develop and as guardians or instructors. With a wide scope of books that can give your youngster a decent head begin perusing, their online book shop incorporates a broad kids’ book assortment. This incorporates coloring books, activity books, educational books, storybooks, composing books, preschool books, dictionaries, etc. Each book highlighted in their online book shop is fastidiously intended to give exceptional advantages that can help improve linguistic aptitude and brain development. The books are additionally very much outlined with clear designs and pictures that will draw in light for little youngsters, upgrade inventiveness, improve memory and extend the creative mind.

8. Bookfair

Bookfair is an annual event that usually occurs in September each year which is the month dedicated for reading. This idea has developed into an online book shopping store named bookfair. The site contains many books from many authors local and international as well as different translations of books. E-books of certain books are also available on the site for you to buy. The prices are relatively low and they offer discounts and offers for various books. You can easily search any book you want from the book title or by author or publisher.

9. Viyath Books

Viyath Books is a Sri Lankan book shop giving a tremendous scope of local and international books, educational materials, and stationaries. You can get books and other stationery items get delivered to your doorsteps from their online store. Many books are available for purchasing online and they guarantee 100% quality. They have special free delivery areas during the weekends with cash on a delivery option, Checkout Viyath for more information.

10. Kechmor Books

Kechmor books are one of the best online book shops in Sri Lanka, it was initiated 6 years before by a group of experts who have been providing books from Colombo. Kechmor books are selling incredible items more than a hundred thousand through its site that expands everywhere in the world. An enormous collection of books and helpful, secure current innovation highlights in their site have created a large number of fulfilled clients in various areas on the planet. Their on-line bookshop conveys a broad assortment of magazines, CD, DVD additionally to take into account. You can shop at kechmor books with certainty, realizing that you’ll get the best quality books with a fantastic and dedicated service.

11. Gardener’s Book Store

Gardner’s book store is one of the providers of the leading and trustworthy books to colleges, instructive and proficient foundations, public libraries, scholarly people, understudies, and book friends in Sri Lanka. It’s also one of the renowned online books stores. They believe each individual ought to get the opportunity to accomplish their latent capacity and partake completely in the public arena. They are something other than a business and endeavor to make the best choice consistently, with all individuals and all issues. You can visit their site and find out the amazing deals they offer. 

12. Sadeepa Books

Sadeepa online book store is one of the popular online books stores available. Many varieties of books such as English books, Sinhala books, Tami books, educational books, novels and kids books, etc. are available to purchase online. They have some of their educational publications as well. You can visit their site and place your order. Offers and discounts are available and orders will be delivered to your doorstep. They have stationery and other educational stuff for lower prices as well.

13. Booksbay

Books Bay is one stop answer for all your books requires. It permits you to choose a heap of significant books and get them conveyed to your doorstep. Our broad assortment of books will do the trick your thirst of perusing as you wanted. Not just it saves your time for shopping additionally saves your valuable time and cash for Searching, Billing, and Delivering. They as an online book retailer continually giving our clients the most extreme monetary advantage and amazing client experience. Their store is so straightforward and requesting a book is simply an issue of few moments. Preparing the request will be begun no sooner than the installment is affirmed. They acknowledge orders locally just as universally. Their involvement with the Books and publishing industry is longer than 10 years at this point.

14. Urban Book Store

The Urban book store is one of the online stores of urban online site. Other than a book store they also sell electronic and music gadgets, fashion, perfumes, and other accessories. Their book store is one of a kind and you will realize why we say when you visit the site. Only selected types of books are available. There are many quality stationery items such as notebooks and pens available for purchasing. 

15. Grantha Books

The name of the store Grnatha itself says that this is a book store with local books. They sell all Sinhala novels, short storybooks, and other Sinhala books. For anyone who loves to read Sinhala books and who wants to buy these books, this is the ideal site. They have loads of categories of Sinhala books and you can choose and place your order. They also give many discounts and check their site to find more information regarding these. 

Where to Buy Tamil Books Online in Sri Lanka?

Most of the online sites mentioned above sell Tamil books as well. for example, Makeen books, Daraz book store, Sarasavi books, Samudra books, Vijitha Yapa books, Kechmor books, Jeya books. Other than that Namma books, Venpaa books, and Poobalasingham are some of the online stores where you can buy Tamil books.

How Long It Takes for Delivery of Online Books in Sri Lanka?

Usually, it ranges from 3-4 days to weeks depending on the area you stay and if you order a book from another country it might take few weeks since it has to be shipped. 

Which Retailers Also Sell Textbooks?

Most of the online stores mentioned in the list are also retailers of textbooks. For example Mkaeen books, Sarasavi books, Samudra Books, Vijithayapa books, Daraz book store, Jump book store. Also, sites like smart text book, 24 into 7 online stationary also have an online book store where you can order text books and get it delivered.

There is this saying that “reading completes a man”. A book is a valuable object and online book stores had made your lives easy because all your books can be delivered to your home. The above list contains the best 15 online book stores available in Sri Lanka. You can visit their sites and choose what is the best site that suits your requirement. We hope the list will help you in choosing the best site. 

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