10 Best Job sites in Sri Lanka – Posting & Searching

Job seekers have more opportunities for work than ever before, and the internet is making it possible to find them! Websites such as Top Jobs compile all local job listings into one place so that you can search by location or interest with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You might be surprised at how many Sri Lankan Job sites are out there and totally unknown!

In Sri Lanka, Job websites serve as an online classifieds section updated on a regular basis. And there are plenty of Lankan job sites. I bet new sites are being created every year!.

The good news is they provide plenty of listings. The bad news? You can easily be overwhelmed by the wide variety, but don’t worry! We took time and did some research to find what you’re looking for.

And with our combined experience of job postings, we came up with the best to somewhat decent sites.

Here are top Sri Lankan Job Sites:






There are many ways to find a job in Sri Lanka, but we have found the following sites most useful. If you’re looking for something new or just want some helpful advice on how to go about finding work and getting back into the workforce again, these top 10 resources can help guide your search!

10 Job Sites in Sri Lanka

01. Top Jobs offers a recruitment system for employers to find the perfect employee, and job seekers looking for their dream company. The process is easy – simply register with Top Jobs, list your vacancies or search through jobs available in your area, then hire someone who matches what you’re looking for!

There are more than 70,000 job seekers visiting Top Jobs each day. The website has been ranked as a top site for Sri Lanka and approved by the government to post jobs in public and state sector institutions.

Listing prices: Rs. 4,800 per vacancy (14 days) and also Annual subscription for a fixed cost for medium and large companies.

02. Career First is a place to go for those who are looking for a job in Sri Lanka, and they provide you with everything from finding a good position, getting educated from courses, so your resume can reflect it. The company is also helping other companies to attract, hire and manage great talent.

If you know where you want your career to go, Job seekers can find jobs based on location and industry, in Career First.

Listing prices: Rs. 3600 per posting (28 days) and free postings depends on the package

03. Ikman

The is not just a classified site; it’s also a very effective job board, especially for small business owners looking to hire new employees. Posting an ad on is as easy as it gets! You can sign up for a free account and post jobs in less than two minutes every time.

Applicants can upload CV’s and apply to the 100s of jobs posted every week.

Listing prices: Around 1 jobs for free every month (with their posting allowance) and then Rs. 500 per ad.

04. Job Eka is a website that connects job seekers and employers in Sri Lanka. The site has thousands of jobs for those looking to find work or fill positions, island wide. Also many applicants who are hoping they can land their dream career through JobEka’s connections with companies both big and small.

Job-seekers can upload their CVs and apply to the 100s of jobs posted each week.

Listing prices: Rs. 3000 per Posting

05. Sky Jobs

The website is a great way to find the perfect job for you! This site has listings for all different types of jobs, from government positions and private sector companies alike. You can search by location, so it’s easy finding what works best for your needs.

Listing prices: Free

06. Job Up is an innovative company that helps companies of all sizes to find talented employees without paying a dime on advertisement, while also providing the best chance for Sri Lanka’s job seekers to be hired by any employer with zero cost!

So if you’re looking for a job in Job Up You can search through dozens of vacancies and apply with just one click without having to fill out long application forms. Plus, they will notify you when new jobs become available.

Listing prices: Free

07. Job Pal is a best place for job seekers to find their dream jobs across Sri Lanka. The website features a comprehensive database of employers, as well as employment opportunities in various industries and career levels!

In Job Pal for both employers and employees, the service is free—you just have to do some quick setup with your information like skills and qualifications on the application form. It only takes a few minutes of work for each side before anyone can be matched according to their needs!

Listing prices: Free

08. Jobs Pola

The is now expanded with the Talent search facility! Now job seekers can use their options on Jobspola. Experience your best talent hunt opportunity by using this service and get success in finding a great job for yourself.

As an employer, you can post vacancies and then search for new candidates that will be best suited for your job openings.

Listing prices: Free

09. Lanka Talents

Lanka Talents is dedicated to providing personalized assistance for job seekers and employers. They are a customer-oriented organization that provides excellent services and quality work by understanding the needs of both parties.

Lanka Talents offers professional CV services for candidates. They have few packages: one is free and the others costs Rs. 1000-Rs. 5000 to get your résumé, cover latter and inked in profile done right.

Listing prices: First listing is free, and then Packages Rs. 500, Rs. 1500, Rs. 2500, Rs. 5000 and an option to customize your package.

10. Finders

Finder is a great website for people who are searching for work in all sorts of different professions- from accounting or engineers to software developers; it’s easy enough just to scroll through the list of available positions by location, and job Type!

Listing prices: Free

How to find overseas jobs in Sri Lanka?

For people who are looking for jobs in oversees please visit the government owned Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency which is one of the leading manpower recruiting agencies in Sri Lanka, also visit Bureau of Foreign of Employment to learn more about oversees jobs.

What are the best free job posting sites? is not free, but you can post once a month for free. On other hand,, and offer unlimited monthly posting of jobs without any charges whatsoever!

Final Thoughts

To find the best job sites in Sri Lanka, We looked at a number of factors. First, we examined how many jobs are being posted on each site and if they’re easy to search for by keyword or category. Next, I checked out their user interface friendliness for both recruiters and job seekers. Finally, I made sure that these sites are getting a decent amount of traffic that is crucial for advertisers! I hope this list helps you find what’s right for you- good luck!

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